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Environmental Remediation

Scott Construction and Development has the expertise and equipment to offer complete in-house designed solutions for remediation of asbestos and other contaminated soils.

Sites containing ACM (Asbestos Contaminated Materials) are very common throughout Perth, and the rest of Australia, as a result of previous contaminated building deterioration, foreign contaminated fill being used during previous construction period or illegal dumping of ACM.

This can be harmful not only to that site, but also to the surrounding environment, and as a company that prides ourselves on environmentally sustainable construction; we take contaminated soil remediation very seriously.

There are multiple legal regulations involved with the removal of asbestos contaminated soils, which is why it’s always best to seek professional assistance. Our expert team at Scott Construction and Development are well equipped with the knowledge and technology to remove asbestos and other contaminants from soil in the safest and most efficient manner possible.

Our patent-pending technologies allow us to remediate ACM affected soils quicker and with less environmental impact then other currently available technologies.

We are currently working on CSBP Limited site in Bayswater; remediating 100,000m² of ACM impacted soil.

Our total project management of soil remediation provides you with the highest standard of timely and tailored environmental waste solutions. Our expert in-house team at Scott Construction and Development are considered experts in complying with environmental and safety regulations, and are dedicated to providing these services in a safe and legally compliant manner.

Don’t risk it… contact Scott Construction and Development today for experienced and professional asbestos and other contaminated soil remediation services.