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Land And Commercial Development

Commercial Construction

Scott Construction and Development have earned our position as a leading name in Perth’s commercial construction sector, having been successfully delivering commercial development projects since our inauguration in 1996.

We specialise in design and construction projects throughout Western Australia, and have the staff, ability and experience to successfully deliver commercial solutions right across Australia.

Our reputation in the construction industry comes from being fundamentally client focused. Yes, we have knowledgeable people with the processes and experience to deliver projects to the highest standard, but we strongly believe this means nothing, if the client’s needs are not first and foremost.

Using this philosophy, we aim to provide commercial construction services with an industry-leading degree of professionalism and integrity, in the most timely and safest way possible.

Some of our Perth area commercial construction and civil works accomplishments include:

ATCO Australia, Structures & Logistics

  • New Hope Valley premises, largest in the Southern Hemisphere, 65,000m². Negotiated forward works directly with client. 27,000m3 rock excavation (crushed limestone on site saving client $386,000), plus sewer, stormwater, pavement design + install and retaining walls.

Rous Head Cargo Services

  • Won contract at open tender, $7.2m. Redesigned and successfully negotiated directly with client for hardstand, full services including fire services, lighting, water, storm water and landscaping at $5.3m, and separately negotiated civil works with builder, saving client on mark up and allowing for better structural pavement through our design.

Tolls North Fremantle

  • 43,000m² hardstand facility pavement construction. Culmination of 18 months planning and negotiating to commence our price cutting redesign of original tendered design.

Our proud list of achievements come from our company values of offering a complete service, from concept to completion, with the clients ultimate satisfaction as our driving goal. We deliver commercial construction services that offer transparency and flexibility, tailoring individual solutions to satisfy each client’s requirements.

Our management and employees are currently D&A certified, and working with Rio Tinto and other similar companies on negotiated projects. We have also worked alongside professional environmental consultants over many of our commercial construction projects, to ensure the highest regard for integrity of the natural habitats we work in – offering alternative environmentally conscious construction methods accordingly when necessary.

With decades of experience in commercial construction, we offer a wide range of diversity in our services, which satisfies a niche in the marketplace, where clients are seeking professionalism, integrity, streamlined delivery and a quality product, with a ZERO incident safety record, and an open regard for environmentally sustainable construction and engineering.