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West Australia Airports Corporation

Upgrade to the domestic terminal carpark and forecourt

Halpern Glick Maunsell

West Australian Airports Corp.

Estuary Joint Venture

120 Lot Subdivision in Coco’C Bay, Falcon Mandurah. Major earthworks, vacuum sewer, full services, environmental sensitive flora and fauna, 7000m2 of roads

Negotiated two additional stages.

Ewing Consulting Engineers/Peter Hill

Craig & John Bond

Dundebar Rd Stages 3 & 4

65 Lots the negotiated the following stage for same size.Earthworks, walls all underground services. 17000m3 cut to fill, 10,200m2 roads.

Ewing Consulting Engineers

Safari & Vawser

29 Lots Wyatt Rd Bayswater. 3200m2 roads, 15000m3

imported fill, lake front walls, all services, Planning, consultants, landscaping, Project Management.& Main Contractor

Peter Hill Engineers.

Urban Focus

Lot 17 Hammond Rd, Success. 65 lots, 5500m2 roads, 15000m3 Cut/Fill, all services and limestone walls.

Ewing Consulting Engineers


96 Lots, Stage 7 St. Andrews. Dianella. 7000m2 roads

35,000m3 earthworks, 3,200m3 limestone walls, sewer storm water, all services. Currently 1 ½ weeks ahead of schedule.

Wood & Grieve. Keith Ayres


Testa Property Management

96 Industrial lots Yangebup, 11300m2 roads, walls, full services. In planning stage. Developed as Owner with Others

Engineer. Wood & Grieve

Developed as Syndicate Owner

Testa Property Management

Baldivis and Forrestdale, approximately 3500 lots in town planning and development stage.

VDM Ewings-Phil Patterson $170m

Developed as Syndicate Owner

Peci Property Group

Lots 63-64 Landsdale 65 lots 8500m2 roads,17,00m3 Earthworks, 2100m3 limestone walls, full services.

VDM Group.

New North/Satterly

Mia Mia Flats Balga 95 Lots, Balga redevelopment. Roads services, walls

Cossill & Webley


Timescope & Peci Properties.

Lot 138-139 Landsdale 65 Lots 5700m2 roads, 35,000m3 earthworks, walls, services

VDM Group

Satterley & DHW

Orelia Ave Deviation, Windsor Hills 4C 135 lots, 73000m3 earthworks, 11300m2 pavement, 9500m3 limestone walls, all services off and on site. Fencing 750lm. Including new intersection and slip lanes to Thomas Road

Cossill & Webley

Satterly Property Group. Paul Easthope 93041015


Western Power Transformer

Yards, Bibra Lake, Henley Brook

Earthworks and Roads

Leeuwin Constructions ( Rob Lyons)


Commercial building and hardstand paving, clearing 3 Ha, earthworks 12,000m3, paving 23,600m2 and kerbing. Petropulos Builders, Jim Petropulos

Boral Transport Yard

Upgrade 32,000m2 of paving to allow for new drainage and access lanes to refurbished yard. Petropulos Builders, Jim Petropulos

Wool Scourers

Hard stand and filling to existing building storage pit 2500m3 and 12,300m2 paving. Cocos Drive Bibra Lake. Petropulos Builders, Jim Petropulos


Henderson HISmelt

23,000m2 roads upgrade, paving to load out areas, some drainage, 6000m2 brickpaving. (Job halted ½ way due to Rio Tinto downturn)


68 lot Subdivision, 6000m2 roads, walls, services offsite 500m away connections, power and storm-water. Engage Environmental Scientists and implement DEC Audit to Classified Site. Completed 2 weeks ahead of schedule.

Civil Engineering Group & DH &W – Gordon Roberts

Central Ave Hazelmere

Road rebuild, 10,000m2 including drainage, for

McMahon Burnett Transport

McDowell Afflect


T & L Transport, earthworks to building and paving,

8800m2, Premier Builders.

Barfield Road

Subdivsion, Hammond Park, Earthworks, walls, full services, 1500m2 roads, imported fill.

BPA Engineers.

Client Gary Ralston 0418948960


Belgravia Estate Stages 7, 7A & 8

Satterly Property Group / DoH

78 lots in 3 stages, Full Earthworks, 12,000m3 ASS Treatment, 5000m3 of walls, 11,000m2 roads, 2.5 km of sewer, storm water, 2.9km of underground power and services. Complete to titles handover.

Engineer Cossill & Webley

Client: Paul Easthope 0417990683

Clarkson Trade training Centre

Full Civil works start to finish, Clear, 17,000m3 cut to fill,

$500k Limestone, soil nail and Precast Walls, detailed earthwork and 4000m2 car-park.

Client Pindan Richard Noble 0413058439

High Wycombe

32 lot Subdivision, 3000m2 roads, walls, services offsite 400m away connections, power and storm-water. Engage Environmental Scientists and implement DEC Audit to Classified Site. Completed 2 weeks ahead of schedule.

McDowell Afflect Eddie Bunda 9274 6444/0418954490 – Client Bill Bagga, Bagga Group / 0412434444


Joondalup Drive Widening

Full Civil works start to finish, traffic management over Xmas. New roundabouts, entries, moving and new services, landscaping accommodation. New paths crossings, intersection modification. 11000m2 asphalt.

Client City of Wanneroo

Contact Phil Calley 9405 5000 (mornings only)

Engineer Cossill & Webley, Andrew Todd

9422 5800/0429120595

GE Oil + Gas Jandakot.(last 18 months)

Full Civil works start to finish, traffic management,

12,000m3 cut to spoil, 23,000m2 hardstand, 9,500m2 asphalt, 9m deep dewatered hole in ASS Soils, testing pit.

Miscellaneous civil works

Client Commercial Industrial Properties (Sydney)

Contact Robert Blazley (Australian Construction Manager- 0438708345/02-95061400

McMahon Construction

Hardstanding yard, 10000m2 Welshpool

Negotiated, Inductions 2/11/2011

Rocky Bay Inc.

Parking up grade, extension to services, gas water, sewer, landscaping, entry to Administration. Upgrade to stormwater,

Client Rocky Bay Inc. Peter Wood

Architect EIW. – Rebekah Brewster (08) 9381 4844


Banksia Grove FEW

300 Lots to forward earthwork and major sand export

ATCO Hope Valley

Initaially FEW but has since included 1.5km limestone retaining walls, 5 storm Traps (up to 350m3 storage), 2km storm water and paving layer to under side of bricks.

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