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Pavement Design

Scott Construction and Development are renowned in the Perth construction sector for providing professional, cost effective pavement design and installation services.

Our qualified designers have the ability to develop, review or redesign pavement concepts, and are often able to save clients on overall costs through the use of different materials, and industry knowledge.

This throws back to our commitment to providing our contracted services with a fundamentally client focused mentality. Sharing our expertise in road and pavement design and installation to cut costs for our clients is part of our business ambition to provide the highest standard of transparency and integrity across all our services.

Our commitment to client satisfaction can be seen through a number of our pavement design projects including:

Tolls North Fremantle – where we commitment over 18 months planning and negotiating for a cost cutting 43,000m² pavement design and construction.

Rous Head Cargo Services – where our redesign from initial tender and separate negotiations with Builder not only saved the client money, but allowed us to deliver better structural pavement throughout our design.

All of the pavement and road design solutions we provide can be certified by independent geotechnical engineers, who we have developed strong professional relationships with over many years.