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Tolls Container Hardstand

Directly to the north of Stevenson lies the Tolls Transport Hardstand. Off the back of the successful completion of the neighboring property SC&D were awarded the hardstand works for the Tolls Yard. Won at open tender with Bluescope (a strong Toll client), we offered the redesign again, and the closeness of our quarry and products. The nominated builder Bluescope novated the contract after starting the works, and pulled out of construction, Australia wide. We finished the works with others as the builder.

These works were started at the same time as the QUBE project opposite and the client was given access and use 8 months before the works opposite achieved the same status as seen from the photo below.

The Earthworks and Pavements package consisted of:

15000m3 of imported fill, placed and compacted

42000 m2 of subgrade preparation

31000m2 of Heavy Duty pavement.