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Our projects include 7 consecutive subdivisions in Quinns Rock, and consecutive subdivisions in Mandurah, Landsdale and Kwinana. In addition we have completed lake and marine side subdivisions in Bayswater, Sorrento, Rockingham, Mandurah and Balcatta to mention a few. Most subdivisions start off at 35 to 75 lots and in many cases have double. Years ago, 25 lots were normal; now 130 to 165 lots are common.

Banksia Grove Sump Expansion and Subdivision Forward Earthworks

Project: Banksia Grove Sump Expansion and Subdivision Forward Earthworks Client: Banksia Grove Nominees PTY LTD Superintendent: Cossill & Webley Value of Works: $750k + Scope: Sump and Drainage Expansion/ Deepening, Forward Earthworks
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Barfield Road

Barfield Road Subdivision, Hammond Park, Earthworks, walls, full services, 1500m2 roads, imported fill. BPA Engineers. $600k
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Satterley & DHW

Satterley & DHW Orelia Ave Deviation, Windsor Hills 4C 135 lots, 73000m3 earthworks, 11300m2 pavement, 9500m3 limestone walls, all services off and on site. Fencing 750lm. Cossill & Webley $4010k
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Belgravia Estate Stages 7, 7A & 8

Belgravia Estate Stages 7, 7A & 8 Satterly Property Group / DoH 78 lots in 3 stages, Full Earthworks, 12,000m3 ASS Treatment, 5000m3 of walls, 11,000m2 roads, 2.5 km of sewer, storm water, 2.9km.
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Thornlie Stage 5

Project: Thornlie Stage 5 Client: RDC Projects PTY LTD                                                      Superintendent: Steve Allen DEC Scope: Head Contractor, Subdivision Timing: 03/12 to 06/12
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