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How Technology Has Transformed Commercial Construction

The wings of technology have spread far across in this age of innovation, and there’s no denying the fact that it has made a big impact on construction techniques employed for commercial construction over the years. The industry is continuously evolving and reshaping itself by embracing the technology and learning new processes that can be significant in achieving successful construction objectives. Technology has completely transformed the entire picture of building & construction in WA, and it continues to bring about effective changes on global level.

Notable increase in efficiency

Take yourself back to the time around a decade ago, when digital outsourcing was not really an option. Clients use to prepare a hard copy of the project plans, along with diagrams and printed materials; multiple copies of which were distributed to the trade partners to bid for the same. This involved significant expenditure of time and money.

However, when technology took over with the invention of online software tools meant for digital project planning and bid management, it became easier to handle multiple projects available at the tip of the finger. The whole bidding process is no more tedious and time consuming, since everything can be evaluated online, and the take-off process can initiate quickly. Not only does it save time and labor, but also augments the efficiency of workflow.

Better customer service

customer service

It used to be a painful task to keep the clients updating about the project on a daily basis, but with online project management portals these days, you can easily update weekly reports or share project photos which can be conveniently accessed by the client, no matter wherever they are. Commercial construction involves an intricate hierarchy that includes everyone from the foreman to the site engineers, and to keep an account of work progress is no easy task both for the client and the company dealing with the project.

Having all that necessary information in one place creates a level of responsibility and transparency, which any client would appreciate. It allows for better functioning of the construction work by streamlining all communication related to the project.

On-site smart applications and tools

Smartphones have come as a revolution for many industries, including the commercial construction. Even the most outdated construction experts are equipped with using latest technology and apps for scheduling project, sharing photos and reporting daily status. There are tools which can give you 3-dimensional insight of what is happening at the project site, and whether you need to implement any changes to avoid issues, if there are any.

Apart from easily accessible applications, there are also connectivity tools that help the team to interact with each other, and update the work plan executed on their part. The latest technological advancement in commercial construction is the use of drone technology, which provides the site manager with the real-time view of the on-site happenings, and also transfers important signals. This saves a huge amount of time, which would otherwise be spent on individual inspection of specific project areas, causing a delay in project completion.